Meat the Staff


Hi my name is Kennetta, I pack Jerky, and pack and... someone save me I am going jerky packing CRAZY!
Kendra Kenda

Hi my name is Kenda, and I love me some jerky!

Hey, how are you doin'? I am Kenneth, I'm your sales agent. How much jerky do you want, HUH two bags? 4 bags? you tell me!! 
Kennik Kennik

Hi, like my name is Kennik, and like, I pack jerky n' stuff.

Hey dudes! My name is Kendel. I drive the "Jerky Mobile" delivering KooL Jerky to ALL you jerky lovers!
Joyce Joyce

Hi I am Joyce. The only reason why I'm Joyce is because we couldn't think of any more names that began with "Ken" HaHa.

Hello, well my name is Kenika, and for some reason I can't get this blank stare off my face!
Kennik Ken

Hey Ya'll, I'm Ken (A.K.A "THE JERKY MAN"). You can see that this is a family business. We all look like we are "kinda related". HaHa!
Kendra Kendra

Hey BIG Boy! I'm Kendra, your secretary, oh also I am Miss Beef Jerky 2001! Come up and see me sometime!
Kasey Kasey

Hi my name is Kasey, and I manage productions here at the Jerky Plant.